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Industrial Lubricants


Every industry manufacturing / service or production operations, every company works towards increasing efficiency, operational excellence, productivity and reliability of all machineries. The exclusive range of Castrol Special Oils for Metal working, Mining, Windmill, Automotive and other heavy industries help to increase the overall working efficiency of the machineries. 

Metal Working Fluids

Castrol has a range of fluids and lubricants to suit the metalworking challenges of different industries. Engineers worldwide use Castrol fluids to improve performance, work faster and cut wastage and inefficiencies. We can help you reduce biocides, achieve high performance with new alloys, and protect your tools and products – all while ensuring high productivity, and a quality surface finish.


Industrial cleaning is an integral and critical element of the value chain within many industrial manufacturing processes. Good quality and premium cleaners are a must to ensure cleanliness of machine parts to ensure optimum operational efficiency.

Castrol Techniclean.jpeg

Castrol Techniclean

Corrosion Preventives

Every metal part and component faces higher risk of corrosion and degeneration in a tropical climate, which affects the efficiency and working capacity of machineries, and finished goods.

Forming Fluids

Metal Forming traditionally plays a major role in many metalworking industries. Castrol offers a comprehensive range of high performance fluids that will help in improving productivity, overall efficiency in metal forming process solutions.

Castrol Iloform™

Castrol Rustilo.jpg

Castrol Rustilo™ series 

Castrol Iloform.jpeg

There are various products that have been grouped in the portfolio based on the following applications: 

  • Sheet metal stamping

  • Drawing and deep drawing

  • Fineblanking

  • Seamless tube pilgering

  • Welded tube rolling

  • Tubular Hydroforming

  • Cold rolling

Heat Treatment

Quenching is an integral and important application of the value chain within several industrial manufacturing processes of metal parts. Castrol offers a range of quenching fluids for various processes used in different industries. There are different products for different applications like:

  • Quenching Oils

  • Aqueous Polymer Quenching Fluids

Castrol Iloquench.jpg

Castrol Iloquench

Neat Oils

Castrol world-class neat oils helps you increase productivity and performance, as well as maintain high surface-finish levels and dimensional accuracy. They are suitable for a wide range of applications from broaching, turning, milling, drilling up to grinding, super finishing and honing.

Castrol Variocut.jpg
Castrol Default.jpg
Castrol Default.jpg
Castrol Carecut.jpeg

Castrol Carecut NC

Castrol Performance BIONC

Castrol Honilo

Castrol Variocut

Castrol Hyspray.jpg
Castrol Ilocut.jpeg

Castrol Ilocut

Castrol Hyspray

Soluble Coolants

Castrol’s high-performance soluble cutting oils are designed to help you reduce coolant use, pro long system life and meet your machining needs when working with  a wide range of materials like aluminium, cast iron or other ferrous alloys.

Castrol Alusol.jpg

Castrol Alusol

Castrol Hysol.png

Castrol Hysol

Castrol Carecut S.jpeg

Castrol Carecut S

Castrol Almaredge.png

Castrol Almaredge

Synthetic Fluids

Castrol synthetic cutting fluids deliver extremely high cutting and grinding efficiencies for high speed processes. They reduce biocide use, extend tool life and ensure a quality surface finish.

High Performance Lubricants

High Performance Lubricants are those that deliver significant value in enhancing protection, reliability and productivity at reduced operating costs. 

Castrol Syntilo.jpg

Castrol Syntilo

From multi-service to specialist chain lines, Castrol has the right chain oil for various applications and environmental conditions. 

Castrol Tribol 290.jpg

Castrol Tribol 290

Castrol Tribol 1421.jpg

Castrol Tribol 1421

Castrol Tribol 1430.jpeg

Castrol Tribol 1430

Castrol Viscogen KL.jpeg

Castrol Viscogen KL

Castrol Hyspray.jpg

Castrol Hyspray

Castrol Molub Alloy.jpeg

Castrol Molub Alloy

Compressor Oils

It is a range of specialist lubricants for the safe and efficient operation of compressor installations. 

Castrol Aircol.png

Castrol Aircol

Gear Oils

Castrol offers  comprehensive range of gear oils that deliver efficiency and performance that industries need - from standard mineral oils to high performance synthetic oils. 

Castrol Alpha SP.jpg

Castrol Alpha SP

Castrol Alphasyn EP.jpg

Castrol Alphasyn EP

Castrol Optigear BM.jpg

Castrol Optigear BM

Castrol Optigear Synthetic 800.jpeg

Castrol Optigear Synthetic 800

Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD68ES.jpg

Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD 68 ES

Castrol Optigear EP.jpg

Castrol Optigear EP


Castrol offers a comprehensive range of world-class greases to provide advanced protection for your equipment. 

Castrol Molub Alloy 860.jpeg

Castrol Molub Alloy 860

Castrol Tribol GR HS 1.5.jpeg

Castrol Tribol GR HS 1.5

Castrol Tribol GR 100 PD.jpg

Castrol Tribol GR 100 PD

Castrol Spheerol EPLX.png

Castrol Spheerol EPLX

Castrol Tribol GR CLS 2.jpeg

Castrol Tribol GR CLS 2

Castrol Tribol GR 4020.jpg

Castrol Tribol GR 4020

Castrol Default.jpg

Castrol Spheerol EPS

Castrol Braycote 2115-2.jpg

Castrol Braycote 2115-2

Castrol Molub Alloy 1000 HT.jpg

Castrol Molub Alloy 1000 HT

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids range of oils offers conventional mineral oils, synthetic and specialist oils for multiple industries and operations. 

Castrol Hyspin VG.png

Castrol Hyspin VG

Castrol Hyspin Spindle.jpg

Castrol Hyspin Spindle

Castrol Hyspin AWS.jpg

Castrol Hyspin AWS

Castrol Hyspin ZZ.jpg

Castrol Hyspin ZZ

Castrol Hyspin AWH-M.jpeg

Castrol Hyspin AWH-M

Castrol Hyspin DXP.jpg

Castrol Hyspin DXP

Castrol Hyspin HVI.jpeg

Castrol Hyspin HVI

Castrol Tribol HM.jpg

Castrol Tribol HM

Castrol Hyspin HLP-D.jpg

Castrol Hyspin HLP-D

Castrol Anwol SWX-WG.jpeg

Castrol Anwol SWX/WG

Castrol Hyspin DSP.jpg

Castrol Hyspin DSP

Castrol Brayco.jpg

Castrol Brayco

Turbine Oils

This range of oils are best suited for water, steam and gas operated turbines.

Castrol Perfecto T.png

Castrol Perfecto T

Castrol Optimol Paste HT.jpg

Castrol Optimol Paste HT

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