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TaeguTec India is a leading supplier of modern machining solutions to a wide variety of industries such as automotive, mould and die, aerospace, power generation and many others. With an entire range of turnkey and tailor-made solutions, TaeguTec is considered the most preferred tooling partner in the industry and by our customers for improving productivity and cost efficiency in the shop floor. PPS has been associated with TaeguTec as a reliable channel partner for supply and distribution of Cutting Tools, Industrial Products and Solutions and Tungsten Powder. 

Cutting Tools

TaeguTec India offers tools for various applications, such as:

  • Turning

  • Parting & Grooving

  • Milling

  • Holemaking

  • Thread Making

  • Tooling Systems


Sample video: Multidirectional and High Feed Backward Turning: POS-S-TURN (XNMV)

Tools supported for the following applications:

  • High Feed Turning

  • External Turning

  • Internal Turning

  • Small Parts Machining

  • Chip Breakers & Grades

Parting & Grooving

Sample video: Superior Trigonal Blade Maximizes Productivity for General, Unstable Conditions: CUT-SFEED

Tools supported for the following applications:

  • Parting & Grooving

  • External Groove-Turn

  • Face Grooving

  • Internal Groove Turn

  • Modular Systems

  • High Pressure Coolant Holders

  • Chip Breakers & Grades


Sample video: World’s Best High Feed Milling Solution: CHASE-4-FEED

Tools supported for the following applications:

  • High Feed Milling

  • Shoulder Milling

  • Face Milling

  • Profile Milling

  • Slot Milling

  • Solid End Mills


Sample video: Maximize Profits by Speeding Up Drilling Process: DRILL-SFEED

Tools supported for the following applications:

  • Head-changeable Drills

  • Indexable Drills

  • Solid Carbide Drills

  • Deep Hole Drills

  • Reamers

Thread Making

Tools supported for the following applications:

  • T-Thread (Thread Turning)

  • TS-Thread (Thread Milling)

  • T-Tap (Tapping)

Tooling System

Tools supported for the following applications:

  • Chuck & Holder

  • Face Mill Arbor

New Products

Latest products introduced into the market:





Sample video: Higher Feed Reduced Cycle-time for Bi-Directional Turning: TURN-SFEED

Industrial Products

TaeguTec India offers tools for various industrial applications, such as:

  • Carbide Rolls

  • Carbide Rods

  • Carbide Wear Parts

  • Ceramic Wear Parts

  • Dies & Anvils

Carbide Rolls

Types of Carbide Rolls:

  • Composite Roll

  • Torque Roll

  • Cantilever Roll

  • Section Roll

  • Block Roll

  • Tri Roll

  • Tubing Roll

  • QuadSlit Roll

Carbide Rods

Types of Carbide Rods:

  • TaeguTec Carbide Rods

Carbide Wear Parts

Types of Carbide Wear Parts:

  • Slitting Knives

  • Can Tooling

  • Plate

  • Preform

Ceramic Wear Parts

Types of Ceramic Wear Parts:

  • AS10

  • AS20

  • Silicon Carbide Ceramics: AC10

  • Boron Nitride Ceramics: AS70

  • Oxide Ceramics: AW10

  • Oxide Ceramics: AW50-Y

  • Oxide Ceramics: AW50-M

  • AI2O3-TiC Ceramics: AB30

Taegutec Ceramic Wear Parts.jpg

Dies & Anvils

TaeguTec is a specialized supplier of high pressure hardmetal toolings. TaeguTec Die & Anvil are used extensively in high pressure applications such as industrial synthetic diamond: CBN, PCD, PCBN, etc. These high pressure tools are used in extreme environments of up to 50 kbar and at temperatures in excess of 1,400 degrees Celsius. TaeguTec has exceeded customers’ demands through a robust quality control system and innovative research and development. Various grades are ready to serve customer requirements.

Tungsten Powder

TaeguTec India offers three types of tungsten powders, such as:

  • Tungsten Metal Powder (W)

  • Tungsten Carbide Powder (WC)

  • RTP Powder

Tungsten Metal Powder (W)

TaeguTec has been producing high quality tungsten metal powder with a variety of particle sizes for over 30 years.
As a major manufacturer in the tungsten industry,
aeguTec has the experience and expertise to provide the highest level of service. This level of service is guaranteed worldwide through the company’s use of modern equipment and its metallurgical history.

Types of Metal Powders offered:

  • WP 04

  • WP 35

  • WP 250



TungstenCarbide Powder, Heavy Alloy, Electrical Contacts, Diamond Tools, Wires, etc.

Tungsten Carbide Powder (WC)

TaeguTec high quality tungsten carbide powder (WC) is produced by tightly controlled tungsten metal powder and carburization process control. The resulting WC is suitable for a wide variety of customer’s manufacturing processes.

Types of Carbide Powders offered:

  • WC 04

  • WC 13

  • WC 45H

  • WC 150H


Cutting Tools, Wear Parts, Roll & Die, Diamond Tools, Mining Tools, etc.

RTP Powder

TaeguTec’s Ready-To-Press (RTP) powders are produced using the latest technology that includes spray dryers, various mills. Using these modern processes, TaeguTec’s RTP powders are guaranteed and are already established in a diverse range of customer’s processing. TaeguTec also supplies tailor-made RTP powder as per customer’s specification.

Types of Carbide Powders offered:

  • TU10


Cutting Tools, Wear Parts, Mining Tools, etc.

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